About Us

Welcome to Neville Guitars!

Since 2008, it has been our goal “to hand-craft the most beautiful and best-playing “T” and “S” style electric guitars this side of the Mississippi!”  Lending credence to the classic fender models of yore, we’ve held true to those time honored designs, while adding a new and inspiring twist.
We pride ourselves on offering our clients a completely custom guitar!  Yes, thats right, completely custom!  We don’t make a run of bodies, a bunch of necks and then put them together and call it “custom”.  We work one on one with each and every customer through every aspect of the guitar making process – from inception to it’s birthday!

Over 90% of the wood used in Neville Guitars’ instruments is harvested and milled by Jeff and Danielle Neville in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Every piece of wood is kiln dried (to 6%), then stored at the Neville Guitars shop where it acclimates for several months in a “normal” environment.  This assures stability when the guitar is being used in real-world gigging situations.


Our Wood

  • The wood is, literally, hand selected for the perfect weight and look.
  • Chose from book-matched curly, quilted or birds-eye maple, figured poplar, ash and more.  At Neville Guitars, “we give you good wood”!
  • Bodies can be solid or chambered for the ultimate comfort during long nights gigging out.  Chambering is carefully planned to make sure the guitar is mechanically well balanced.



Our necks are what everybody is talking about!fretboards

There are no CNC machines used here…every neck is hand-carved! Your specifications are met to within a couple thousandths of an inch for the perfect feel.  Any neck, any size, any radius! Beyond making it feel awesome, make it look awesome!  Neville Guitars offers a number of stunning options for our necks and bodies including:

  • book matched tops and fretboards
  • unique binding
  • our v-neck wood inlay
  • fretboard inlays and more.

Chose from traditional and stainless steel frets.  All sizes are available.



Nitrocellulose or Go Home!



Virtually any solid color or transparent stain is available.  In the tradition of the most coveted, best sounding vintage instruments, we use an ultra-thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that allows the instrument to breath.
Strum a chord…you’ll hear it!  It rings like a piano…And like fine wine, only gets better with time!  The finish is meticulously hand sanded and then buffed to a beautiful shine that looks amazing!






Your new Neville Guitar can be tricked out with any hardware and pickup configuration, of course, subject to the initial design of the guitar!  The Joe Barden bridge.  A great sounding bridge with compensated brass saddles and bottom cut-away for saving your pinky!   Hard tail options are also available.




Alnico 2/5 single coils.  These are hand made to our specs by John Galep of Dawgtown Pickups.  They are THE scatter wound vintage replica that everybody is trying to achieve.  The only thing is, John is the only guy thats been able to really do it right!  These have to be heard to be believed.  Single coils, P-90s and double coils are available.  Players are always looking for new and unique tones. To help you achieve this, Neville Guitars offers custom wiring and control configurations.  Just let us know what your after and we can make it happen!

Kluson Vintage tuners are standard on our guitars.  They have a great “vintage” vibe while maintaining great precision and dependability.  Other options are available upon request.